One of the advantages of running your own business is that you can do what you want (within reason) when you want.  Which brings us neatly to the point of this weekend’s antics aptly entitled “B*ll**cks to Brexit”.  Because levity is important in these troubled times.


Enjoy 10% off clothing and footwear from tomorrow until Monday.  We’ve also taken the decision to include our Cashmere for the first time as a thank you.  The delivery arrived this afternoon and we popped it straight into the window.  There should be a colour to suit everyone from neutrals to brighter colours for those of us (myself included) who enjoy a brighter hue in these dark wintery months.  Can you see Dora?


There are also a couple of rails with some decent clothing deals with 30% to 50% off the last odds but no sods.  Oh, and 25% off all ankle boots.


Here is the longer version of the cashmere poncho jumper.  £289.00