Huge Excitement at W&M HQ – Spanish Boot Delivery


The hotly anticipated Spanish boots have arrived!   This brand’s USP is diamante detail on its footwear and today’s delivery is no exception (apart from the subtle velvet style featured below).

There are 7 styles in total in a varying range of sizes and prices.  We are pleased to confirm that the boots are true to size and just as good in the flesh.  We don’t use filters on any of our photographs as it distorts the true colour and we try and photograph items outside in natural light.  We hope you like what you see. Don’t forget we do mail order, just call us on 01428 641771.

alma en pena garden blue boot

Garden blue boot – think teal crossed with navy blue, lovely.  £119.00 sizes 3-7 only (pointy toe)


Crosta Grey. A pull on-style. £129.00. Available in sizes 3-7 only


Crosta Black.  Self-explanatory with side zipper.  Available in sizes 3-8


Crosta Brown.  Fabulous embroidery detail on the back. £139.00  Sizes 4-8


Crosta Camel.  Gold/Grey diamante detail on the back. £139.00 Sizes 3-8.


Here’s the first western style boot with diamante detail. Pointy toe in a strong denim blue. £139.00 with side zipper. Sizes 4-8.  ps: western boots are BIG for Spring 2018 if you’re in such things.


Because everyone likes a black boot. Another western style boot. £139.00 Sizes 3-8.

And that’s it.  All boots for this season are now in stock.  Hope you like them.



The toe on the Western style shape.  You’re most welcome. The rounder toe of the other styles below.