Cashmere time has arrived, own label cashmere time

100% cashmere from Mongolia, poncho tops with sleeves, boyfriend style polo neck jumpers, ribbed sleeve sweaters and waterfall cardigans

Worth the wait we reckon, our winter delivery of W&M cashmere has arrived, perfect timing from a weather point of view.  100% cashmere, 100% machine washable and 100% great quality.  When we embarked on the journey of own label production we did a huge amount of research.  There’s very little we don’t know about cashmere now.

Our cashmere is produced using pure Mongolian cashmere, i.e. not blended with other fibres.  Mongolian cashmere is known to the longest of all natural cashmere fibres (a long winter produces a long coat on a goat).  Long cashmere produces cashmere with excellent pilling results well above the industry norm.  All cashmere will pill but the longer the fibre the more resistant to pilling.  Our advice? Wear your cashmere, wash it, wear it and then wash it again and this will reduce pilling. Machine washable at 30c.

cashmere poncho top with sleeves, one size

Our delivery features the best-selling Poncho top with ribbed sleeves (one size) in charcoal grey, dark green and navy blue at £145.00  We’ve also developed a wonderful boyfriend style polo neck jumper with ribbed sleeves and hemline which is the most wonderful shape and longer at the back.  The type of jumper you’ll want to wear every day and will remain in your wardrobe for many years.  This is available in a bright bluey/green shade, cream, camel and denim blue, £195.00.  This garment is sized small, medium and large.

100% machine washable cashmere by Woodie & Morris, made in Mongolia

Next up is a ribbed sleeve boat neck jumper in 4 colours – pink, lavender, oatmeal and denim blue at £135.00.  A lighter weight garment than the polo neck but a beauty nonetheless.  Sized small, medium and large. Photo to follow

And last but by no means least the jewel in our cashmere crown, a sublime waterfall cardigan in black and silver grey.   This design was based on a very old cardigan in my cupboard and has surpassed all our expectations.  The waiting list started back in February when we produced the sample for people to try on. Sized in small and medium (no need for any bigger as it’s a roomy little number).  A flattering cosy fit and the type of garment you’ll literally throw over anything including jeans.  Use instead of a coat in the Spring. £195.00