A blast from the past on the food front

nasi goreng

The first Sunday in quite a while where we didn’t have to climb onto our bikes and go for a lengthy training ride, HURRAH.  We decided to recreate a dish from my childhood, Nasi Goreng.  Basically an Indonesian fried rice dish to which we added pork and prawns.  It’s not complicated and here are the bones of the recipe

1 jar Nasi Goreng spice mix (available for Waitrose or specialist asian food stores)

Cold cooked basmati rice

2 x onions

2 x cloves garlic

Additions of your choice i..e chicken, pork or prawns

Saute onioins and garlic in olive oil until transparent, add extras such as green pepper if you fancy, and also whatever extra meat or fish you fancy.  Saute then add NG spice mix.  When the meat or fish is cooked, add cooked rice and stir.  Season to taste, top with an egg and voila.  Great with chopped fresh vegeatables such as tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions and prawn crackers.  Sweet soy sauce (Ketjap Manis)  is especially nice with this dish too and if you like your dishes spicy, add in extra fresh chopped chilli.