You can tell the former designer from Masai is back on board

Masai Genna Tunic

We fell in love withi this pretty print when we went to view the Masai collection last August.  The collection is back on track with the news that the brand’s former designer has returned after an absence of 4 years. We liked it so much we bought it it in 3 garments including this tunic, a dress as well as a pair of trousers.  Wear this Genna tunic with bare legs or over white skinnes.  £77.00  Soft hues of cream, pink, coral and olive.  Just gorgeous. The culottes are are £77.00 too.  We have shorter white cotton blouses and soft fine knitwear in melon and grey which work beautifully with this print.. Just add sneakers (we have white leather sneakers from Woden arriving very shortly).

Masai Pannis Culotte

This is the Masai Iben blouse in a crisp cotton, also £77.00.

Masai Iben Blouse A-shape white