Weaver Green incoming…

weaver green bags

Weaver Green is one of our favourite brands and we’re pleased to say that our Spring order is on its way to us.  How can you not like a product which looks and feels like soft wool but is made from recycled plastic bottles?!  Machine washable too.  Because plastic doesn’t absorb water these cushions, blankets and rugs emerge from the washing machine virtually dry.  Don’t forget we can order in any size rug in any print to order.

Not surprisingly we practice what we preach, check out the photos below to show some of the rugs we’ve used in the kitchen and one of the sitting rooms in our house in Kingsbridge.  Beautful photographs courtesy the clever photographer used by Toad Hall Cottages.  If you’re looking for somewhere nice to stay in the UK, then The Ale House is now available as a holiday let via Toad Hall Cottages, here’s the link if you fancy further details (shameless plug….)

://: https://www.toadhallcottages.co.uk/holiday-cottages/the-ale-house/2384