Toasty Toes are guaranteed

Bumper Boots Mid-Calf

I am enjoying extremely warm feet today courtesy Bumper Boots.  I am wearing my 3 year old black pony skin mid-calf pair and they are perfect for this sudden drop in temperature.  I also walked from home to the shop today, a 25 minute fast stroll.  We haven’t got many pairs left but I can confirm we have the following stock available at the time of writing:

Grey – size 7/40

Black – size 4 and a size 6

Leopard Sand – size 4, 5 or 6

An investment at £260.00 (including free next day delivery for those further afield)  but one you won’t regret if you’re a regular visitors to the slopes for skiing or a dog walker.  These boots have an award winning reinfoced sole which is just as good on ice as it is in mud.  Simply wait till the  mud dries and rinse it off under a tap.  If you;’re an orthotic wearer you’ll also be able to squeeze that it in.  The boots are true to size and double leather lined for extra warmth.  Just add a pair of socks and you’re good to go.