Milano Italy has landed, hurrah!

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No idea why a German brand would be called this but there you go…..who cares anyway?  We love this brand and judging by the sales so do you!  Autumn 2019 is in the house (well, some of it…) and first up are these viscose/jersey back blouses which everyone raves about.  Two new colours for this season, a raspberry red and a clean ivory.  £59.95 in a limited run of sizes from 8-16.  If you’ve had one of these before and fancy another one, best not to dilly dally.

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A jacket which feels as comfortable as a cardigan, yes you head that right.  This stretchy checked jacket is a super fit.  Wear with jeans, skirts or over shift dresses. Gorgeous.  £99.95 in a limited run of the usual sizes.

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Shirts and blouses gracing the weekend window as soon as the boxes were unpacked earlier today and already selling.  £59.95-£69.95.

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