Looking perky

woodie and morris haslemere boutique

Woodie & Morris is housed in what started life as a public house.  Lucky us.  The shop is an L shape and here’s a shot of one end.  I’ve got my eye on that Weaver Green rug featured in the photograph, beautiful soft colours.

Ziggy, our Haslemere Hog, peering out of the window.  Ziggy will be autctioned off in September to raise funds for the Alzheimers Society. Ziggy has been beautifully painted by one of our customers, Dominique Salm, who is a wildlife artist – hence the zebra like stripes in our colours.  We are preparing for our ride from London to Brighton on the 17th September (it’s a family affair) to raise more money for the Society.  We’ll keep you posted.  30 mile training ride on the cards for tomorrow.  Send help.