Like wearing a warm hug

cashmere poncho jumper 100%

Gracing our window this week, our Woodie & Morris 100% cashmere poncho jumpers in silver grey, blackcurrant and royal blue.  This poncho jumper offers incredible value for money and is beautifully warm.  Just one-size to fit everyone.  We recommend that you wear it, wash it, wear and wash it again.  Mongolian cashmere is the finest cashmere in the world thanks to the extreme winter temperatures.  The goats grow very long coats which ensures that the long fibres are more resistant to pilling.  The shorter the fibre the more your garment will pill.

Layer this over a long dress or skirt or simply pair with jearns or leggings and boots.  I have been wearing mine on repeat for the last four days.  A very special piece  £259.00