Hello Dora

Dora the romanian rescue dog from Give a Dog a Home UK

It’s felt very strange without a dog.  We always said that our next dog would be a rescue one, this is Dora!  She’s a 7 month old rescue dog from Romania who arrived last week.  She just happened to be the dog that caught our fancy as we wanted a young dog, preferably female and she popped up at exactly the right time.  Part of a small litter of pups found on the side of the road and taken into a private shelter in Romania.  So far so good, she’s very friendly and very bright.  She’ll be in the shop soon and her training is going very well.  We have absolutely no idea what she is made from but she looks like a big dog who has been shrunk in the wash.  A little bit of collie mixed with corgi, spaniel and goodness knows what else.  She’s been a delight so far, we’ve been very lucky!  If you’re looking for a rescue dog then head over to Give A Dog A Home UK, this charity helps to find homes for dogs in Romania, Cyprus and Greece of all ages.