Did you know that Red wine aids longevity apparently?


We spotted this story in the Independent via Twitter earlier in the week.  A 100 year old woman attributed her long life to her love of red wine (and also “not taking any baloney from anyone”).  We’ve recently discovered the benefits of Sirt Foods and produce a lot of food using a range of ingredients widely tipped to be very good for you.  Red wine is one of them (excellent news again).

pork and prawn stir fry

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll have spotted this Thai Style Pork & Prawn stir fry I cooked earlier in the week.  Haven’t got time to type up the recipe here today but will attempt to do a recipe post once a week from now on.  This is a recipe from the Sirt Food Diet Recipe Book except I used pork instead of chicken (because I’m like that..).  Very easy, very quick and very tasty and very good for you.  If you’re a fan of strong flavours like turmeric and chilli the chances are you will love these recipes.