Christmas present ideas


Can you Adam and Eve it?  Less than 100 days until Christmas.  We’ve started our present planning and spotted this funky SWIG bottles at a recent trade event.  They’ll keep you liquids hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.  A nifty handle in the lid if you need to carry it.  £24.99, coming soon!


Magnetic word sets to stick on the fridge, we rather liked this stocking filler idea.  All sorts of different themes, there should be something to suit everyone.  If memory serves me right, these are in the region of £9.99.054

And some very pretty silver and gold jewellery including earrings, bracelets and beautiful necklaces.  Arriving in mid-October.  Nicely priced and made in the UK.  Watch this space folks.

We also ordered some rather fabulous make-up and wash bags but have just spotted exactly the same product in another retailer’s window in Haslemere so we’ve cancelled our order.  Sometimes these brands are just too naughty for words.  Not a problem, it usually means we’ll find something else which is better!  Great believer in fate…


Some nice socks coming in as well.  We’ll also be sourcing more goodies as the season progresses because that’s the way we like to do stuff.