Cashmere Poncho with sleeves back in stock


The W&M cashmere poncho’s with sleeves are back in stock in the colours shown as well as Black.  Please note these are longer than last year.  Just one size.

When we first embarked on our cashmere journey, we asked our supplier (who is a gentleman from Scotland who used to work for Pringle but now works in Mongolia) about pilling.  He told us that anyone who tells you that cashmre doesn’t pill is a fibber.  However, the longer the cashmere fibre used in production the less likely it is to pill.  His other tip?  Wear it once, then wash it as this will remove any shorter fibres in the garment.  Mongolia boasts the longest cashmere fibre in the world thanks to the harsh and very long winters.  The goats grow very long coats, these are then combed in the Spring to produce the fibre.  Now you know why cashmere is so expensive!  It is also the softest and warmest fibre in our opinion.


ps: assorted pashmina scarves also shown on display, these are now reduced from £99.00 to £65.00, each one different from the next.  Pashmina is a fibre from a goat as well just in case you didn’t know..