Cashmere is here, woohoo…

woodie and morris cashmere poncho jumper

Our cashmere delivery has landed, woohoo!  Annabel seen here wearing the one size Poncho Jumper in Umber.  This is the shorter version, £269.00.  Remember this is the best quality Mongolian cashmere (the longer the fibre, the better the quality – Mongolian winters are very LONG which produces long fibres  on the goats.  Machine-washable at 30′ and we advise to wear it, wash it, wear it wash it as this will reduce any likelyhood of pilling.  It washes beautifully so don’t be afraid to to do it.

007 (2)

A longer version, 3″ longer to be precise, will also be in stock in the colours shown above. £289.00 We’ve selected breadth in terms of choice but not depth and in some instances only 1 or 2 pieces per colour are available.  That way you won’t all be walking around wearing the same thing.

005 (2)

Here are the colours of the shorter version as modelled by Annabel above.