All hail the best-selling zipless and pocketless trouser

desk trousers, £45

Well, you’re all loving these trousers aren’t you?  It might be because there aren’t any pockets or zips, it might be because they are super flattering and it might be because they’re £45.00.  Whatever it is, we’re just about to place our third order.  See a colour you fancy here?  Then give us a  bell and we’ll order a pair for you in your size.  Now, that’s what we call good service.

Colours currently in stock include navy, black, stone and pearl grey.  This is an ankle length style for the summer, perfect with ballet pumps or trainers with a smarter feel and look than denim.  Easy to dress up or down and fantastically comfortable as they simply slide on with plenty of stretch.  We believe they are similar to a Joseph shape but without the same price tag. 01428 641771