A day off to have a treat

ellypear lets eat

I usually work 6 days a week (I know, I’m mad aren’t I?) so it was a real treat to have a day off during the week, yesterday..  I took my sister Amanda (it was her birthday last week) to Brighton for a meal at Silo Restaurant.  One of my favourite Instagram accounts is by Elly Pear who has just published her second cookery book and she “popped up” and cooked a six course meal at Silo. All food served were recipes from her latest book, Let’s Eat.  Delicous!  You won’t find any meat in any of her books but you will find plenty of lovely, easy to prepare recipes for fish, vegetables, pulses, bread etc.  All the sort of stuff we enjoy eating as a family.  The photograph above shows our dessert, rhubarb upside down cake.

elly pear Let's Eat

Elly has become famous for her frittata which she serves at her cafe in Bristol.  We had a silo version (right hand plate) along with roasted tomatoes, green harrisa paste and a celeriac remoulade with walnuts.  totally delicious and very easy to prepare.  6 courses for £28.00 which was extremely good value.

We had a delicious day and I am making a resolution to take more time off next week. And if you enjoy food or cooking or simply finding someone interesting with a sense of humour to follow on Instagram go and find @Ellypear (and no, I am not her agent).