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Another good reason to sell pottery eh?

skoura pottery bowls

One of the benefits of stocking and selling pottery is that we now have nice bowls for our lunch.  This is a warm buckwheat salad (my favourite grain and it’s also a SirtFood which is very good for you) with roasted vegetables.  Delicious and it vanished in double quick time.

This medium sized bowl is also available in grey and a print in blue grey, gorgeous £14.95.  There’s also a larger version in both colours and patterns which is ideal to use as a salad bowl which is £24.95

skoura moroccan pottery bowls


A freshly stocked dresser


A freshly re-stocked dresser always makes us happy.  These pretty anthropologie inspired mugs and bowls are back in stock at £4.99 and we’ve also added this gorgeous metal heart garland which is £7.99.  The garland measures 96 cm and is a lovely little present or a great way to liven up a shelf.