Stuff we Stock

W&M cashmere poncho top with sleeves


Our stock is all about little and often.  We concentrate on a few core favourites like YAYA, St Tropez, Two Danes,  MosMosh , CARA , CHALK and then refresh our rails on a weekly basis with an ever changing mix of fresh stock.  2019 promises to be a cracking season with the introduction of  more new labels including Hartley and a funky collection of canvas sneakers from Germany. We’re always on the lookout for new labels that offer great quality at great prices.  We’ve just returned from a buying trip to Berlin and unearthed several corkers.

Footwear is a feature in-store and we usually have a style or three which works well with an outfit. s.

You can always be assured of finding something new on the accessory, home and gift front which has been expanded to include homewares from £4.99 and the introduction of a simply fantastic skincare range made in Somerset, MAKE Skincare with beautifully packaged entirely natural little pots of goodness for hand and body from £12.00

We had an amazing reaction to our own machine washable Woodie & Morris Cashmere which we introduced 3 years ago to rave reviews.  Our collection is is expanding and ofers fantastic quality at a fantastic price (one of the benefits of sourcing direct).  Keep your eyes peeled on the Latest Stuff page for updates.

100% machine washable cashmere by Woodie & Morris, made in Mongolia