Month: October 2019

Skirt season


We sold one of these straight out of the box and can confirm it looks wonderful on.  A midi-length pleated style in Black with attractive gold detail around the waistband.  In sizes S, M & L, £119.00

An easy piece to dress down with a sweater and sneakers or dress up for a smarter occasion.

stardush skirt

Another skirt arrival in a vibrant silky print.  We’re just waiting for the matching blouse and a maxi dress in a vibrant blue to arrive.  Wear this in all sorts of ways including a camisole and leather jacket, a sweater and sneakers (why not pick out a colour from the skirt?).  £96.00

Stretchy Shirts are Back


We sold out of these nifty stretchy shirts pretty sharpish.  But we’re pleased to tell you that they’re back in stock in White or Cream in nearly all sizes.  £45.00

Win a Qudo Ring in November

qudo rings surrey hampshire

To celebrate the arrival of this clever jewellery brand we’re giving away a ring in a prize draw this November.  If you buy a piece from the range this month you’ll be entered into a draw to win a ring of your choice.

3 different band styles in 6 different sizes and a multitude of different stones to adorn them with. Layer it up and add to the range whenever you feel like a differet colour or adding another band. They all work very well together.  Made in Germany and the best quality as it’s all made in Germany. Bands start at £22.00 and stones start at £20.00  Simply screw off the top and swop the stone.

More Boots

018 (2)

We’re liking the slightly raised wedge on this new snuggly boot arrival from Spain.  A handy zipper at the front allows easy access and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of faux fur?  Very comfortable. £85.00

017 (2)

These hiking boots have gone down a storm this season.  If you missed out on your size then you’ll be pleased to see we’re managed to get our hands on a few more in chestnut or black.  £85.00

Cashmere Corner

015 (2)

A limited collection of Cashmere this year thanks to the vagaries of currency fluctuations thanks to the ongoing Brexit saga.  Poncho’s with sleeves in silver grey, teal, black or blue/grey, £140.00. The best-selling Poncho Jumper is available in teal, cream, orange and navy longer length plus one shorter in Teal. Grab them while you can at the ridiculously good price of £250.00 (no paw points folks!).

The Window this Week

025 (2)

Shame you can’t see the shimmery fabric of this blouse from MosMosh.  In the flesh it is very shimmery which makes it a great contender for festive celebrations.  Wear it out or tuck it in. Also available in Navy Blue, £119.00

Seen here with a Navy lambswool sweater from Two Danes, £89.00 ps sold one of these this week to a lady from Qatar, looked fabulous with her jeans.

Present season is upon us


The countdown has begun, only 8 weeks until the C word.  How about a lovely corduroy bag with interchangeable straps?  One plain strap and one print strap included with each bag, £49.00

009 (3)

Boxes of nice socks are always a good gift.  4 different tyle options, 3 pairs in each pack to fit 4-7 sizewise.  £22.00

013 (2)

Woolly hairband?  These are wide enough to cover your ears and make a nice change from a hat. Available in the 3 colours as shown.  £25.00

ps: a delivery of bobble hats and lovely scarves is imminent.  Hats will be £12.00 and the scarves £15.00 – watch this space.

Make Your Own Gin kits


The ideal unisex gift we think.  Make your Own Gin Kits with everything you need to make up to two bottles of your own Gin in 24 hours.  Just add a bottle of cheap vodka (Aldi or Lidl) and off you go.  £29.99 and £34.99


Make-Up Bags, Pouches…


The countdown to Christmas has begun, 10 weeks to go folks.  These velvety pouches are now in stock in 3 different sizes and there’s bound to be one which will make a perfect present.

£25.00, £15 and £13.00 – limited stock

Boots back in stock shortly

041 (2)

These Spanish ankle boots have pretty much sold out.  You might be pleased to hear we’ve managed to get our mitts on a few more in Brown and Black.  They should be here next week.  Best not to dilly dally.  £85.00